The transport rollers we offer and use in our roller conveyors are from proven manufacturers from Germany and Italy, accompanied by a certificate of origin and quality. The rollers have different types of bearing or ball bearings, with variants for both clean production and outdoor work in a highly dusty and damp environment. The rolls are 16, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 89, 108, 133, 159 mm long and EL = 105-2000 mm in diameter. They can end with a smooth cylindrical axis, a cylindrical axis with a cutter, an axis with an external or internal thread.

Depending on the material, we deliver the following types of transport rollers:
– steel rollers (precision pipe according to DIN 2394)
– galvanized steel rollers
– stainless steel rolls
– plastic rollers
– rollers with special coating (rubber, polyurethane, teflon)
The load capacity of the most commonly used rolls at EL = 500mm is:
– roller ø40 plastic (stainless steel), Fmax = 150N
– roller ø40 steel, Fmax = 500N
– roll ø50 plastic, Fmax = 300N
– roller ø50 steel, Fmax = 800N
In case of a quote for an offer or order it is necessary to indicate:

  • rollers diameter
  • type of pipe material
  • cylindrical roller part length
  • end axis construction (cylindrical, with Fresenius or with threading)

– диаметър на тръбата на транспортната ролка ф D
– диаметър на оста на транспортната ролка ф d
– дължина на ролката EL и обща дължина AL
– материал на тръбата (стомана, пластмаса, специално покритие)
– вид на краищата на оста (цилиндрична, с фрезенк, вътрешна или външна резба)

Gallery rollers: