Logolight Engineering Ltd. manufactures roller conveyors, tailored to the specific requirements of customers for length, width and distance between rollers. The bearing structure of the roller conveyors is made of a special aluminum profile, which allows the lateral transport of the transported product. They are supplied with plastic, galvanized or stainless steel rollers, with drive (active) or without drive (passive). The modular principle of construction of roller conveyors allows for easy connection of individual sections in different combinations – longitudinally, perpendicularly or at any angle.

Logolight Engineering Ltd. also offers a wide variety of transport rollers for various applications and working conditions, finished roller tracks and spherical supports from renowned European manufacturers. The “Transport Rolls” section describes the main technical characteristics of the Logolight Engineering Ltd. transport rollers, their load carrying capacity, and the minimum parameters you need to specify when you ask for an offer and delivery. In the “Roller Conveyors” section you can learn how to build roller conveyors, determine the type and load capacity of the rollers, the distance between them, and look at sample solutions for such systems.