Logolight Engineering Ltd. is the main distributor for Bulgaria of the following companies:

The Italian company BEGHELLI is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of emergency, evacuation, industrial, office, and architectural lighting. With its plants in Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic, BEGHELLI presents the best products on the European market related to industrial, office, and emergency lighting. Its customers include the European Parliament, the NATO headquarters in Brussels, airports in Berlin and Rome, and the Vatican Museum.

Beghelli Prazisa Logo

As part of the BEGHELLI group, the German company PRAEZISA has specialized in the production of emergency lighting systems, “group and central batteries”, emergency, and evacuation lighting of the highest quality. Customers such as the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart and the Dutch Parliament confirm this.

The Spanish group LUXIONA brings together some of the best companies in Europe, producing luminaires and emergency lighting. These are TROLL, METALARTE, HEPPER, MOONLIGHT, and SAGELUX. The Group specializes in the production of clean room luminaires, specialized production, industrial lighting, emergency lighting, as well as design and architectural luminaires. The group has several plants in Spain, Poland, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Ecolight ogo

ECOLIGHT is a Lithuanian company specializing in the production of LED industrial lighting fixtures for harsh conditions and high operating temperatures. It is one of the few companies in Europe that produces LED luminaires for continuous operation at 60 and 70 degrees Celsius.
It partners with and incorporates the latest and most modern element base of PHILIPS.

SCHUCH is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers in Germany and Europe of industrial lighting, designed to work in severe atmospheric conditions, a highly polluted, and explosive working environment. The German company SCHUCH has over 110 years of history, traditions, experience, and technologies in explosion-proof lighting.

LUCIS is a small but famous Czech company, a manufacturer of design and architectural lighting. Her group of young designers sparked the fantasy in many models, along with more traditional luminaires. And adding the fact that the bodies of all models are hand-made by Bohemian glass, the end products are really impressive.