The labeling machine is designed for automatic putting of self-sticking labels and stickers upon a wide range of products. The products can be boxes, bottles, blisters or packs, etc. The machine works with preliminarily rolled up self – sticking labels with size and parameters pointed in the technical characteristics. Label sticking is done on product’s upper surface, bottom surface or side surfaces. Product feed on the conveyor can be done either by hand, or automatically. Depending on product type and size the productivity of the labeling machine can reach up to 100 pcs per minute.

All machines are built on module principle. This allows fast and easy configuration of individual customers’ solutions, entirely conformable to specific product characteristics. All applied constructive principles guarantee high reliability, minimum reset time, easy service and maintenance.

Conveyor system and supporting construction of the labeling machine, are built from anodizing aluminum profiles of Bosch-Rexroth – Germany. Product guiding is carried out on the base of fast reset holders and a special aluminum profile, covered with steady PVC belt. The motion is carried out by an engine with reduction gear of company SEW – Germany, situated under the corpus, transferring the motion through a gearing-belting transmission. Drums bearing and stretching roller are of company FAG – Germany. The supporting cramps of front and back drum and the engine are made of duralumin 15 mm. The belt is produced by company HABASIT – Swiss, and its type is determined by product characteristics and working environment requirements.

The control is built on the basis of programmed controller and electro installations of Telemecanique – France. The photocell for product detection is produced by company Omron – Japan.