Луксозни LED осветителни тела Beghelli LED PANEL RTI
Взривобезопасно LED осветление ACCIAIO ECO ATEX
Промишлено осветително тяло BS100 LED

Logolight Engineering offers the full range of waterproof LED lighting fixtures of the companies BEGHELLI; LUXIONA and OPPLE (please see catalogs). We also have our own production of LED waterproof lighting fixtures, which we export abroad.

The models we offer can be polycarbonate or metal with a degree of protection against dust and moisture IP65 and IP66. They are installed at heights up to 11 meters.

The waterproof luminaires are widely used in industrial lighting. They are suitable for industrial workshops, garages, warehouses, car washes, damp rooms, etc. They differ from conventional lighting with a higher degree of protection against moisture and dust.