1. Automatic filling lines for liquid products

A new generation of flexible automatic lines, combining the latest world developments and innovations in this area – modular building principle, latest generation servo drives, fast-patented, patented satellite transport system, built-in CIP rapid wash system, storage of over 20 working parameters for each vial, touchscreen display with intuitive graphical interface and menu in Bulgarian, work with highly sparkling products, complete statistical and production analysis, productivity 2 400 – 6 000/hour. The automatic lines are designed for a wide range of products – shampoos, conditioners, detergents, creams, household and industrial chemistry.

2. Tube filling machines

They are designed to fill single color, bi-color, three-color and four-color toothpaste, white cosmetics, hair dye, a wide range of food products in aluminum, ABL and PBL tubes with a diameter of 8-50mm, volume 5-500ml and up to 3 600ppm/hr. The dosing is done by a servo-driven module, the heat sealing of the tube is by means of hot air heating, control is done by a programmable controller.

3. Homogenizers

High-grade homogenizers for various products – hair dye, toothpaste, cosmetic creams, food and technical products. Microprocessor control continuously monitors all process parameters and process sequence, ensuring the highest quality and 100% repeatability. Base configuration includes:
– A basic container with a useful volume of 500 or 1000 liters
– An anchor stirrer, a countercurrent and a homogenizer head
– Vacuum system and washing system
– Water jacket heating and cooling system


4. Industrial Automation

We offer complex automation of production processes and assembly. We have designed and implemented hundreds of automatic machines, lines and automated complexes for various discrete industries:
– a robotic complex for arranging candies in boxes
– an automatic line for the production and packaging of liquid flavorings
– an automatic line for winding stators of kitchen robots
– automatic line for filling and packaging of cream in glass jars
– automatic transport modules and systems
– automation of assembly and automated control systems