Logolight Engineering Ltd offers  BEGHELLI energy saving lightings for street, park, regional and protective lighting:

  • With energy saving lamps 1/2 X 17, 1/2 X 36 and 1/2 x 55 W.
  • With conventional, compensated or electronic ballast.
  • With white metal or unruffled reflector, “honeycomb” type.
  • With protection class from dust and moisture IP 65.
  • For mounting on a column for street and park lighting or on a facade, or on a fence for regional lighting.
Led Улично Осветление
Улични осветителни тела Лед

Designed for lighting of streets, boulevards, road junctions and squares with low vehicles’ intensity, alleys, parks, gardens, as well as industrial sites, warehouses with higher requirements for moisture and dust, etc. Mounting at height up to 9 meters.