The belt conveyors offered by Logolight Engineering Ltd. are built on a modular basis, according to the specific customer requirements for length, width, and speed. They offer a wide range of adjustable and non-adjustable drives, over 100 types of tapes, including the food, cosmetics and pharmacy industries, clean production, ESD implementation for electronics, blades, etc. Belt conveyors can be fitted with one-sided, two-sided or triangular guiding of the product with different types of quick-adjustable guides.


The base belt conveyors have a length of up to 6 000 mm and a band width of up to 500 mm. Their supporting structure is made of aluminum alloy profiles of Bosch-Rexroth (Germany) measuring 40x40mm, 45x45mm or 40x80mm, depending on the overall dimensions and load. The belt is driven on a stainless steel sheet of 1mm AISI 304. The conveyor belt drive is powered by a Lenze worm gear motor (Austria) located underneath the casing (horizontally or vertically) and transmitting gear through toothed belt drive. The carrier plates of the front, rear drum and engine are made of 15 mm-long duralumin. Belt conveyors are available in both horizontal and any tilt lines.
As an option, each belt conveyor can be equipped with the Telemecanique Frequency Inverter (France) for stepless speed control, Omron (Japan) automatic Patuto (Japan) auto-starting and braking system, audible and light signaling. The belt conveyor systems are constructed of two or more separate conveyors arranged parallel, sequentially, one above the other, or at an arbitrary angle. Various configurations of different types of conveyors – belt, plate, belt and roller, combined with a common control system – are also possible.