Logolight Engineering Ltd.

1. Industrial, office, emergency, explosion-proof, street and LED lighting.

Logolight Engineering Ltd. has developed and implemented energy saving projects in the field of lighting in over 200 factories, warehouses, retail outlets, and offices, ranging from small workshops to large factories with over 2400 luminaires. By installing state-of-the-art energy-saving models, we have reduced the electricity consumption and have dramatically increased the uniformity of lighting in order to create the most ergonomic working environment. We have achieved return on investment for new luminaires for less than 10 months.

In Bulgaria, we are representatives of one of the largest European producers such as BEGHELLI, LUXIONA, SCHUCH, OPPLE, LUKIS. We also have our own production of industrial LEDs and energy-saving luminescent luminaires, which we export abroad. We will help you in choosing the lights, so that you get an optimal value for money.

2. Automatic modules, machines and lines, consulting, and engineering in the field of automation.

All of our machines are built on a modular basis, with an elementary base from leading world manufacturers, and in this respect we never compromise:

  • Belt conveyors for individual customer assignment
  • Roller conveyors and transport rollers
  • Labeling machines for self-adhesive labels
  • Automatic filling lines for liquid products
  • Tube filling machines
  • Homogenizers
  • Automatisation of production

For years, we have been collaborating with the Technical University of Sofia, where we have built a number of specialized laboratories and stands.